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Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Safety Protocols & Procedures


We are committed to clearly communicating our new procedures and expectations to guests upon booking. We welcome any and all questions you may have.

Your reservation process will take a little longer than usual to go over these new policies.

Clients,  when booking,  are asked whether they have symptoms of COVID-19, and we will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire in your confirmation email. This is mandatory prior to confirming your reservation.

We will need you to wait 14 days prior to your appointment if you have been in hospital,  on an airplane, or travelled internationally.

We require you to cancel your appointment if you develop symptoms of COVID -19,, or have a family member who is confirmed or suspected of COVID-19, or you have been in contact with anyone that has been ill.

If you need to cancel your appointment for health reasons,  we will waive the 24 hour cancellation policy.

When you arrive, there will be hand sanitizer outside the glass spa doors, please use that, and if you have not filled out your forms online prior to your appointment, a clip board with your name on it will be there.

You will be offered a sanitized pen if you need one.

Your therapist will collect you when they are ready.

Please limit shopping bags, jackets or additional items from coming into the spa.

You may bring your own water bottle, but at this  time, we are not able to provide refreshments.

Clients should arrive alone, if possible (i.e., no children, friends or family accompaniment allowed). We do however Include consideration for disabled individuals and those persons who require accompaniment (e.g. a parent or guardian)

Hotel guests will be asked to put on a clean hotel robe just prior to coming down for their service


Clients will be asked to wash their hands in the treatment room  prior to their service.

Your therapist will explain, and confirm,  how your room has been disinfected, and then they will explain how to change for your treatment and what to expect.

Prior to your treatment, your therapist will wash her hands in the sink in the room.

Your therapist will also be wearing a mask during your entire spa treatment

If you are having a massage, you may remove your mask while you are face down,  however,  if you prefer to keep it on, and move your head to one side, we have accommodated side massage flow.

If you are receiving a facial, your mask will be required to come off,  however, your therapist will be using a shield, in addition to their mask. You will be given a towel in your hands in case you need to cough or sneeze. You will also be asked not to speak during your facial if possible.

We only allow 2 people at a time in the pedicure lounge, allowing for social distancing between the two clients. The middle third chair will remain empty for this reason.

Spatial distancing measures have been taken in the spa area, as well as the washroom to ensure your safety.


You will be given the opportunity to wash your hands again prior to leaving the treatment room.

Your therapist will walk you out to the reception desk to cash out.

The reception desk has had a plexiglass barrier installed.

If you would like to purchase retail,  reception,  or your therapist, will collect the items for you.

Where possible, we use touchless payment processing and, and we will clean the terminal between each service. Cash is discouraged at this time. In the case of cash handling,  the receptionist will go to and wash hands immediately after.

The key pad will be cleaned after each transaction with a virucidal agent.


Additional time will be taken in between each client to ensure thorough disinfection procedures are followed. We have provided a checklist in each room for the therapist to follow.

We use hospital grade, Virucidal cleaning agents on every surface.

We change our linen in between each client and it is all laundered in hot water.

The bed and pillow are wiped down after each client. We have replaced our pillowcases with antimicrobial vinyl so they can be disinfected after use.

We will wipe down with Vericidal cleaners, every bottle or surface touched such as counters, containers, light switches, door knobs, beds, and stools.


Appointments will be booked with an additional 20 –  30 minute  gap to allow for sanitation using a virucidal agent.

Clients arrive on their own. No children, friends or family accompaniment allowed.

If a client requires assistance, a family member may accompany (provided that family member has been isolating with the client) the client to the establishment. In the case of assistance required throughout the service, the family member must follow the same protocols as any regular client would.

In the case of special needs clients or clients requiring assistance, we allow for additional time for the arrival and departure process.

No walk-in clients permitted.

We are only  accommodating four guests at any one time.  This will allow for spatial distancing measures inside the spa, as well as in the waiting area.

If possible, check in by phone or app.

Stickers, and tape will indicate safe distancing practices entering the spa area.


Our entire team has taken additional sanitization courses to ensure we are up to date with health standards.

Our team will check in the night prior to your appointment to confirm they are not experiencing any illness, or COVID symptoms.

Staff are not permitted to work even if they have minior, cold-like symptoms.

Our team has been thoroughly trained on all new procedures and protocols.

More FAQ

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change all spa appointments to avoid a 100% charge.

Do you have RMT’s?

We currently do not have any RMT’s on staff.  RMT’s are Registered Massage Therapists who hold valid licenses in B.C. and are able to provide receipts for medical reimbursement.  At this time none of our staff are RMT’s.

Do you offer group bookings?

Yes, with advance notice we love to host groups! Please call us directly to discuss 250 804 4836

Do you allow children in the spa?

We do not allow children under the age of 15 in the spa. This space is designed to be a quiet, peaceful and adult atmosphere and other spa guests have paid for a quiet space.

I can’t get a sitter, can I bring my child with me?

We do not allow babies to accompany mom in the spa, only because other guests are often getting massages or facials and we have found that although children are adorable, they are unpredictable with noise levels, and we need to respect our other spa guests.

Do you offer pre natal massage?

We do not offer pre natal massage at this time.

What should I expect from my Brazilan Sugar?

We specialize in Brazilian sugaring at Lake Life Boutique Spa so you are in expert hands. We use both hard wax and strip wax depending on the sensitive areas being treated. We also provide pre and post waxing products to help soothe the area. You should expect your wax to be clean, quick, and as comfortable as we can make it for you. Your hair needs to be ¼ inch long. If it is any longer we suggest trimming before your appointment. We also suggest exfoliating 1 day prior to your treatment to allow for better waxing results.

I have my period, can I still get my Brazilian?

Yes, as long as you are wearing a feminine product, we are ok with it if you are.

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