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Originally From

Born in Enderby, Raised in Ashton Creek

Favourite spa treatment

My favourite treatment is massage; especially deeply relaxing scalp massages.

Home care tip

Always wash and moisturize your face! No matter how tired you are (I know it isn’t always easy)  just making that conscious commitment can make all the difference.


Guest Testimonial

“Very professional staff. So relaxing. Great treatments! My skin always feels amazing when I leave. My favourite place to go for self care!” – Melissa B

Favourite activity in Salmon Arm

Walking, hiking, being in nature, Kayaking and fishing on White Lake.

Halsey Jepson

Esthetican, Body Worker
I have been an Esthetician for 5 years and have had the privilege to work with some amazing practitioners. I love having a connection with guests and helping them relax a feel great.